Air Medical Escort

Sitting position


In most of the cases, patients are able to sit in the Economy Class (Eco) or in the Business Class (BC) while provided medical assistance. 

Stretcher-bound patients

Patients that are not able to travel in a seat on their own without further support will be transported on a so-called stretcher (STCR).


For each operation, we use special equipment approved for use on board.


- intervention trolleys for adults and infants

- special care products for long distance transports

- enteral feeding pump

- medicine modules (i.v. / oral / s.c.)

- patient monitors ProPaq LT (6-channel ECG, NIBP, SpO2, AF)

- CO2 monitoring for patients with spontaneous breathing

- oxygen concentrators admitted by the FAA 

- Gel-Air-Tec mattress (antecubital mattress) for stretcher-bound transport

- vacuum mattress

- suction pump  Laerdal LSCU

- positioning pillow

- seat cushion Tempur

- deployment and nursing documentation in different languages

- perfusions und infusamats from B. Braun

- Butterfly IQ (mobile ultrasonic device)